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Mold Removal Orange County

Mold spores are microscopic particles and are found everywhere. Anything from rain to a leaky pipe can aggravate mold growth in Orange County, CA homes and commercial buildings. For these homes and businesses affected, mold can cost thousands of dollars in damages and even make occupants ill. When there is mold growth in any space, it is time for professional mold remediation services.

Professional services are critical in the removal of mold.  Left untreated, growth can spread and become an even bigger problem if not treated properly.

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Mold Remediation Vs. Mold Removal

These are two common words used when it comes to getting rid of mold. They basically imply the same idea, which is to remove the harmful mold. Some companies advertise for complete mold removal. However, it is not possible to remove every spore of mold since they exist naturally everywhere. Our professionals understand this and know how to address any level of mold problem. It is possible to remove the harmful growths and restore the damaged area, and that is exactly what remediation involves.

To better understand mold remediation, think of it as getting mold spore levels back to a natural and health-friendly level. Since every mold damage case varies in severity and where the growths are located, some remediation processes may take longer or have a few additional steps. However, these are the general steps involved in the process:

    •    Inspection and damage assessment
    •    Containment of mold
    •    Air filtration
    •    Removal of mold growths
    •    Removal of mold-damaged items
    •    Cleaning belongings
    •    Cleaning the building’s interior
    •    Restoration


Mold Removal Expert in Orange County Removing Wall MoldWhy Call A Professional?

There are plenty of sites with DIY tips and advice for saving money by removing mold with alternative means. These practices are dangerous. Some people are very allergic to mold and may become ill if they try to remove it themselves. Mold is especially harmful to elderly individuals, young children and anyone with a respiratory infection or chronic illness.

Also, there is a form of toxic mold called “black mold,” which is classified as stachybotrys chartarum. You DO NOT want to mess with this.  It is toxic and should never be touched. However, it is not always black in color, and dark-colored mold may not always be stachybotrys chartarum. A professional can assess the mold, determine its type, remove the growth and restore the area. Professional mold removal and remediation here in Orange County provides the following benefits:

    •    Assurance that harmful mold growths are removed
    •    Clean-air removal methods
    •    Complete restoration of damaged materials
    •    Thorough cleaning of affected belongings
    •    Immediate response to service requests
    •    Professional damage assessment

In addition to the above services, Mold Slayers also provides:

    •    Water Damage Restoration
    •    Structural Drying
    •    Lead Abatement
    •    Drywall Repair

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Identifying A Mold Problem

Mold can start growing and spread considerably within a matter of days. It is often visible and can range in color from red or green to black or gray. If there is a musty smell near a wall or on an area of the floor, it can indicate mold growth behind the wall or under the flooring.

Mold Prevention Tips

While waiting for remediation professionals to arrive, take these steps to avoid further mold growth and personal harm:

    •    Avoid affected areas
    •    Do not use fans
    •    Turn off HVAC systems
    •    Do not touch mold

Mold can grow after any type of minor or major water damage. Every day that it remains untreated means more damage and danger. When there is mold growing anywhere in a home or business, it is important to call our remediation specialists as quickly as possible. Our mold removal orange county experts are called Mold Slayers because they have the skills, expertise and proper equipment to remove mold growth safely, and we provide affordable solutions for all budgets.

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